Deep Rivers Run Silent

Deep Rivers Run Silent is an ongoing series of summer screenings and events organized by Meno Avilys under the Liubartas Bridge. Its program encompasses a diverse range of events, including screenings of films and video art, live concerts, literary readings, and meetings with artists, presented by cultural organisations.

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Film programme Travelogues: Thinking Through Landscape

The six-film programme turns to the topic of travelogues and travel films, which has so far been underrepresented and rarely explored in Lithuania, and looks at the different transformations of travelogues, from the early amateur approach to the now widely recognised classic essay films.

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In 2022, VIDEOGRAMS, a festival of artists’ films and moving images, will take place in the city of Vilnius, The Cinematheque of Meno avilys (A. Gostauto st. 2), from 24th November to the 11th December 2022.

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On 24 November at 7 pm the group exhibition „Sleeplessness“ will open artists’ films and moving images festival VIDEOGRAMS’22. The exhibition is displayed in viewing rooms, curated by Meno avilys Cinematheque (corner of A. Goštauto and A. Vienuolio streets, Vilnius) and will last for all festival dates – until December 11th

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Nemiga-04 (1)
Parodos vizualas

Not Only Eyes: Lust

From July 1st to July 30th, a non-traditional exhibition space welcomes “Not Only Eyes: Lust,” an art show of moving images by students of two Lithuanian art schools – Vilniaus Academy of Arts and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Curator – Gerda Paliušytė.

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Films by Female Artists from the Middle East and North Africa

From May 26 until July 1, Media Education and Research Center “Meno avilys invites to screenings of contemporary female filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa, accompanied by presentations and talks by filmmakers, curators, and researchers. The events will take place in the film and media space “Planeta” (A. Goštauto St. 2, Vilnius) and in the space under the Liubartas bridge.

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Oksana Karpovych_01

Several Lines

Several Lines is a two-day film screening series featuring films by Ukrainian filmmakers Oleksiy Radynski and Oksana Karpovych, and works by Lithuanian artist Laura Stasiulytė. The series focuses on the dynamic post-Soviet identity, the problem and the importance of its authenticity and sovereignty, its open, ever-changing and nuanced reality.

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US Independent Women’s Cinema

On Thursdays from February 10 until March 17, Media Education and Research Center “Meno avilys” invites to retrospective film program. „Rebellion, Love and Friendship: U.S. Independent Women‘s Cinema“ is a cycle of six screenings of films accompanied by talks by filmmakers, curators and critics. The events will take place in the cinema and media space „Planeta“ (A. Goštauto St. 2, Vilnius).

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Narrow Reels, Wide Eyes

Narrow Reels, Wide Eyes is a series of talks and short film programs dedicated to the legacy of amateur filmmaking in five post-Soviet countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia.

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Lėtosios peržiūros – viršelis be datų

Slow Screenings

Since 2016, the project is developed with the view to slow down fast cinema consumption, bring like-minded people together and contribute to the promotion of film culture in general. Film historians, researchers and critics from both Lithuania and abroad are invited to unfold a broader context. Slow Screenings are organized in thematic cycles, presenting different movements or filmmakers important in the history of cinema.

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Projections is a series of film screenings and conversations meant for reflecting on our emotional well-being and challenges faced during the lockdown period. In collaboration with psychological health professionals, we invite people to explore the intersections between cinema, psychology and our everyday lives through open conversation. Here, films become a starting point for engaging in an open conversation, sharing experiences or practical advice.

2019 dizainas-viršeliui

Cinema camp

Multi-day international summer event that started in 2010 and was organised in various Lithuanian manors, inviting its participants to join an informal conversation on an ever-new topic related to moving image art. Filmmakers presented their films and took part in discussions, film scholars gave presentations specially prepared for the camp programme, and the campers took part in workshops, reading groups and radio listening sessions.

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Luminous Shadows

Luminous Shadows was the first solo exhibition of Thai film director and artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul in the Baltic States. Alongside the exhibition at the Contemporary Art Centre, the event also included a film retrospective screened at the Skalvija Film Centre, presenting all eight of the director’s feature-length films and four programmes of short films.

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