The Projection Booth. Cinemas in Regions

The installation is the first stage of a wider research into cinema culture in the regions of Lithuania. With this study, we seek to bring into the spotlight the cultural and architectural heritage of film screening venues in Lithuania and to draw attention to their rapidly decreasing numbers and the current state of the surviving ones.

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Moterys kine

Women in the Lithuanian film industry

Do women and men have equal opportunities to start and continue a professional career in the Lithuanian film industry? Does gender affect the film profession and job hierarchy? Does it matter in getting funding or winning awards? With the research we try to understand the real situation, to see both positive and negative tendencies in Soviet (1947–1990) and independent Lithuanian (1991–2018) cinema.

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Audioviuzalinio foto

The status of audiovisual heritage in Lithuania

The research Analysis and Recommendations for the Development of the Lithuanian Audiovisual Cultural Heritage Preservation and Access System was implemented by the order of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. This is the first study on the identification of the status of audiovisual heritage in Lithuania, which aims to identify the nature of audiovisual heritage, its institutional and legal concepts, identify the most sensitive problems and propose solutions.

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