Animus Animalis (A Story About People, Animals and Things)

Documentary, 69 min, 2018

A taxidermist, a deer farmer and a zoology museum worker live in the surroundings where the line between reality and artificiality has almost become imperceptible. While the dead beasts compete for the most vivid posture and the most real look in their eyes, the human keeps trying to stop the time and bring back life to things in which life has long been absent.

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Snow Shelter

Animation, 16 min, 2020

Freezing winter in a war-devastated town. A young man is banished from his own apartment by a bunch of troublesome strangers. He has to locate another shelter in an alienated society.

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Mora Mora

Animation, 10 min, estimated release 2021

Little girl Mora is travelling through an abandoned fantastic world which reflects her emotions. As she discovers her power to make wind, the girl attempts to swim away from the dark Creature With A Hole in His Head, while hiding in a piano box.

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Glass Elephants

Stop-motion animation, 12 min, estimated release 2023

A six-year-old girl revisits the memories of the last evening before her grandmother’s death with a feeling of guilt. At that time, she broke one of the glass elephant figurines from grandma’s collection and didn’t tell her. Thinking that this was the reason of granny’s departure, girl goes back to that evening in order to change the past and this way save the Grandmother.

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