Panevėžys’ projections

A cycle of film screenings and conversations to reflect on emotional well-being and the challenges of quarantine. In cooperation with Panevėžys Public Health Bureau and psychological health specialists, the points of contact between cinema and psychology are being sought. The movies here become a starting point for open conversation and sharing experiences, practical advice. The post-film discussions are moderated by Vitalijus Gafurovas, a psychologist and co-author of the “Dialogue” podcast. The discussions are also attended by invited guests, who help to examine the topics raised in the films more closely.


Merry Christmas, Mr. Mo!: Creating and Avoiding Proximity

In one way or another, all of us create intimacy with other people. Paradoxically sometimes in pursuit of closeness, we begin to see dangers and, on the contrary, distance ourselves, avoid it. The finality of life is an inevitable gift that encourages us to do what we would not otherwise dare to do. In the movie “Merry Christmas, Mr. Mo!” these sensitive topics are examined.

Gang of Wolves: Can we isolate ourselves from all the dangers?

The guest of the conversation is the reviewer, philosopher Paulius Gritėnas. Today, the word “isolation” is as close to us as ever. It is a way to distance ourselves from the external dangers and to protect each other. However, it is interesting to discuss what isolation means in a broader context than a pandemic. That is, to raise a question whether it is possible to isolate ourselves from the world and all of its dangers? Could it be that in hiding we face an even greater harm for us? Or maybe, on the contrary, we are creating the conditions for the development of a unique personality?

Bird Metamorphosis: What Does Longing Give Us?

The guest of the conversation is a psychologist, co-author of the “Dialogas” podcast Gediminas Tumėnas. The connection between children and parents is special, so when it is disrupted or broken, we can feel longing and loneliness. This feeling does not let go – you do not have to be alone to feel lonely. During the meeting, we will consider how meaningful it is to long and what does this say about our present? Perhaps looking back at your and your family’s past can help you accept, make sense, and tame your longing?

Paterson: Writing as a way to talk about routine

During quarantine, we face the challenges of a routine, and feel the weight of days similar one to the other like never before. We will consider whether knowing that a day will be spent at home can unleash creativity. Writing can become a tool to help you look at the environment in a new way and discover the beauty and meaning of everyday life.