Cultural Educational Intervention “Stories. Through Sounds and Images”

Throughout the school year 2021-2022, a cultural education intervention “Stories. Through Sounds and Images” will be implemented in 12 Lithuanian schools. The project focuses on audiovisual, visual and sound artworks, their analysis and creation, thus developing skills in critical thinking, creativity, ethical and aesthetic responsibility, and mindfulness of the environment around us.

A cultural educational intervention is defined as the involvement of artists and creators in the formal education process. It is a targeted methodological approach to formal education and related issues, based on long-term cooperation between creators and schools, strengthening general competences and transforming formal education practices.

About the project

The project “Stories. Through Sounds and Images” aims to encourage teachers and upper secondary students to search for and discover creative ideas and stories in their everyday life, their immediate environment, and their relationship with the local community, and to look at art as a multidimensional cultural phenomenon analysed from the perspective of different educational subjects.

The project focuses on audiovisual, visual and sound artworks, their analysis and creation, developing both teachers’ and students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, cultural and communicative competences, fostering ethical and aesthetic responsibility for their own audiovisual, visual and sound works (particularly popular among young people) and encouraging a well-founded appreciation of the work of others. The project explores not only original art, but also popular culture phenomena, thus establishing a dialogue between the students’ leisure time and high culture.

Project objectives:

  • To improve students’ and teachers’ critical thinking skills, creativity, and cultural and communicative competences through project activities;
  • To provide each school with the knowledge and tools to teach general curriculum subjects using creative methods;
  • To increase the diversity and quality of cultural expression in Lithuanian schools.

Project activities:

  • Training: workshops for teachers participating in the project;
  • Development of innovative educational methods;
  • Integrated lessons for pupils based on creative methods;
  • Lectures, meetings with audiovisual, visual and sound artists in schools;
  • Creative sessions: creative projects for pupils with audiovisual, visual and sound artists;
  • Presentations on cultural projects: events organised in cultural spaces for local communities;
  • Exchange events for educators on best practices and methods.

Schools participating in the project:

  • Daugai Vladas Mironas Gymnasium, Alytus district
  • Kaunas City VMU Ugnė Karvelis Gymnasium
  • Garliava Adomas Mitkus Lower Secondary School, Kaunas district
  • Kretinga Simonas Daukantas Progymnasium
  • Alizava Lower Secondary School, Kupiškis district
  • Radviliškis Vincas Kudirka Progymnasium
  • Plungė Oldtown School
  • Šakiai “Žiburio” Gymnasium
  • Šilalė Darius and Girėnas Progymnasium
  • Vilnius Sofija Kovalevskaja Gymnasium
  • Mickūnai Gymnasium, Vilnius district
  • Visaginas “Žiburio” Lower Secondary School

The project is implemented as part of the project “Modernisation of the Cultural Education System” organised by Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania.

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