Independent Cinematheque

Virtual cinematheque of restored and digitized Lithuanian documentaries, video art and curated programs. The works are accompanied by conversations with the creators, texts covering the context of the emergence of the works. The cinematheque was created by a new generation of cultural and film historians, curators, educators, restorers and archivists. The project was recognized as the Best Non-Profit Website at the LOGIN 2019 Awards of the Technology and Innovation Festival.

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Film restoration and digitization

The project was started in 2012 documentary Earth of the Blind (1992) by Audrius Stonys became the first restored film in the history of Lithuanian cinema. The digital turn in cinema was initiated to bring films back to their original form and give them the opportunity to be screened in national and international cinemas. Silver Crane, the National Film award and Oak, the Lithuanian Cinematographers’ Association Gratitude Prize, were presented for this activity.

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Anthology of Lithuanian Documentary Cinema

A DVD collection and catalog of restored and digitized films, in which the most important Lithuanian documentaries are presented, from the origins of authorial documentaries in the 1970s to the “turning point” generation of the first decades of independence. The publication was selected among the finalist of the best film DVD award at the international archival film festival Il Cinema Ritrovato (Italy).

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