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Paperback VR

Meno Avilys

Virtual Reality
Estimated time 15 min.
Planned release 2022 m.
Director Robertas Nevecka
Producer Giedrė Burokaitė
It is a series of four virtual reality experiences, whose axis is the classics of Lithuanian literature. These experiences transfer one to the visual worlds of Jonas Biliūnas', Antanas Baranauskas' and Kristijonas Donelaitis' works. The viewer becomes one of the characters of the works, immersively participating in the plot and feeling various emotional states of the character. The viewer may even change the plot. A word becomes an image; in that image, the viewer is living. At this moment, a five-minute experience based on Jonas Biliūnas' tale “The Light of Happiness” is being finished.
Robertas Nevecka (b. 1984) is a film director, animator and illustrator. He holds a BA degree in Film Directing from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Robertas makes animated films and music videos, illustrates album covers for underground bands and works as an assistant director on film sets.