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Snow Shelter

Meno Avilys

Animated film
Estimated time 15 min.
Planned release 2018 m.
Director Robertas Nevecka
Producer Giedrė Burokaitė
Cinematographer Vytautas Plukas
Music Domas Strupinskas
Animation background artist Gediminas Skyrius
Justas Tertelis
Juozas Budraitis
Judita Urnikytė
Giedrius Kiela
Valerijus Jevsejevas
Šarūnas Puidokas
Film synopsis
Freezing winter in a war devastated nowaday Vilnius. Several years passed after destruction, the city slowly rebuilds. A thirty-year-old guy is living in a squatted apartment with a group of strangers. He struggles to survive and also find a little more comfort in this rough setting. One night he nearly burns the flat down wanting to sleep warmer. His roommates start hating him, so the guy has to find another shelter.
Director Robertas Nevecka was born in 1984. He lives in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is a self-taught animator and has a BA degree in Film directing. His best known films are “The Bomb“ (2013), “The Curonian Twitch“ (2013), “The Jungle“ (2014). His newest short animated film “Snow Shelter“ is currently in development.